Zinc Thermal Diffusion

Zinc thermal diffusion is the name given to a state-of-the-art corrosion protection process of premium quality, whereby the surface of the material is thermochemically modified. The resulting protective layer forms an extremely strong bond with the carrier material and ensures excellent long-term corrosion protection.  Thermal diffusion zinc coating is an environmentally friendly process without the use of chromium VI.

The zinc coating process is completed in a closed chamber. The thermal diffusion process allows the application of layer thicknesses between 20 and 120 µm, which are ideally suited as substrate layers for other finishing processes.  The smooth surface has significantly better wear and corrosion resistance in comparison to hot-dip galvanizing.   There is also no threat of hydrogen embrittlement.

The zinc thermal diffusion process - in combination with wet painting, powder coating or fluoropolymer coatings creates a highly corrosion-resistant surface in many colors and with additional performance enhancing properties.

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- High-tech corrosion with zinc thermal diffusion

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